Submersible Carbotech™


CHF 17'200.00
CHF 17'200.00
CHF 17200.0

CHF 17'200.00

Inkl. MwSt.

Grösse: 42mm
Material: Carbotech
Wasserdichtigkeit: 300 Meter
Uhrwerk: P.900

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The unidirectional rotating bezel enables the times of immersion to be calculated with confidence, while legibility in the dark is ensured by Super-LumiNova® coating applied to the markers and the large skeleton hands. The rubber strap fitted to the watch is perfect for diving and very tough.

The Carbotech™ case, crown-protecting device and unidirectional rotating bezel ensure extreme lightness and resistance. Carbotech™ has an uneven, matt black appearance, which varies according the cutting of the material: the result is that each watch is unique.