Rolex Oyster Perpetual "Linz"

Ref. 6564 from 1957

CHF 18,500.00
CHF 18,500.00
CHF 18500.0

CHF 18,500.00

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Size: 34mm
Accesories: Original box
Dial: Double signed by Linz
Movement: 1030

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This Rolex Oyster Perpetual Ref. 6564 features a special dial that displays the historical importance of retailers, in this instance a Texas retailer named LiNZ founded in 1877 by five brothers. 

The "LiNZ 1877" signature printed on top, as opposed to other Ref. 6564s that have the "Rolex" and "Oyster Perpetual" signature printed below the Rolex coronet, makes this piece particularly rare.